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This is not your ordinary backlit photo frame. This is backlit photography and art beyond compare.

ILumenArt– We’re illuminating a color-starved world.

ILumenArt is a turnkey art and photography LED back-lighting system that combines an enhanced color backlit photo frame with the highest quality prints. The result is strikingly beautiful, super-natural art and photographic centerpieces for homes and offices. A first of it’s kind, ILumenArt’s patent-pending technology spans the limits of human color perception.

What is the “Color Conspiracy” and how you’ve been deprived

Unknown to many is the fact that when you view images in print or on electronic digital media (for example: your phone, your pad, your computer or your TV) you’re being color-starved. This is because technologists have made compromises due to  the high cost of delivering a full color spectrum. As a result, consumer electronic media will probably never deliver full spectrum color. We call this situation the “Color Conspiracy”.  It’s a conspiracy that results in good looking, inexpensive and efficient display products but it leaves us color deprived.

ILumenArt gives back to lovers of beautiful images a medium which delivers a full range of color–colors they didn’t even know they were missing.

We accomplished the delivery of a full range of color by developing a backlighting system in which we literally designed the light source.

Unlike other manufacturers of backlit photo frames, we did not buy LEDs off the shelf because we already knew that these sources would not produce the results we sought.  Instead, we started by carefully studying the color characteristics of the most natural light source of all, the sun. Then, we designed an LED that not only restored the colors absent from electronic media, we did the sun one better by enhancing the reds and blues beyond what is normally found in sunlight.

We call this super-natural illumination.

*ILumenArt images will be available for purchase soon…and they’ll knock your socks off!

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