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GemLight’s Capabilities

High-bright, sunlight-readable displays

The technologists at GemLight® Technologies have been at the forefront of new applications in flat panel displays for over 30 years. We design, develop and sell customized high-brightness LCD components and systems for a variety of industrial, commercial and consumer applications including:

  • Sunlight readable displays
  • Electronic signage
  • Laptop, tablet and pen computer display and lighting systems
  • Displays and lighting systems for PDA’s and cell phones
  • Flat panel monitors
  • Commercial and military grade vehicle borne displays and lighting systems
  • Instrumentation
  • Avionics: In-flight entertainment, military displays, HMD
  • Instrumentation
  • Digital projection displays and lighting systems
  • Consumer and military grade head mounted displays and lighting systems
  • Marine grade displays and lighting systems
  • Industrial grade displays and lighting systems for:
    • gasoline pumps
    • medical instruments
    • internet hardware
    • handheld diagnostic equipment
    • firefighter safety equipment

Our LED backlighting systems achieve the highest brightness and highest efficiency in the industry.

Other LED specialty lighting

Our capabilities are not limited to just displays. We are experts in LED technology and together with our manufacturing partner in China, we can design and manufacture most anything you can imagine with LED light panels. See our specialty lighting solutions page for more info and for examples, such as our patented firefighter’s location signaling light, or our backlit photoframe called ILumenArt.

Are you in need of a customized lighting solution? Give us a call for more info, or request a quote now.