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32″ Sapphire Star™ Sunlight-Readable Display Module

32″ Digital signage display module

The GemLight DMLGLD320EUN display is a sunlight-readable, 31.55” FHD (1920×1080), wide viewing angle, IPS LCD module capable of displaying 16.7M colors (8-bit).  It is based on the LG model LD320EUN TFT LCD combined with the GemLight™ HB (High Brightness) LED backlight. The DMLGLD320EUN has nearly the same x-y dimensions as the original LD320EUN display module; depth is increased on one side to accommodate cooling design.  The module body thickness, excluding cooling fins on the left side, is unchanged. On the cooling fins side, the module thickness is increased by only 4.0 mm as compared to the original module’s maximum thickness.  The overall module maximum thickness is 35.4 mm.

At maximum operating power of 122 Watts the DMLGLD320EUN module displays a sharp image at a screen luminance of 1300 cd/m².  The module also includes an integrated dimming 24V LED controller.